Sing along... "This old heart of mine..."

Sing along with me…
“This old heart of mine…”

Click play to listen to Rod Stewart and “This Old Heart of Mine.”

“THiS OLD HEART” is an overplayed song on my iTunes list of walking songs.  Every time I hear the distinctive melody and listen to the words of Rod Stewart, I feel he is speaking to me and all my fellow cardiac comrades who deal with many forms of cardiovascular disease.  The beat and rhythm get my feet moving at a pace that pushes me at a rate my old heart tolerates well, as it provokes many old heart thoughts that distract me as I trod along.  Yes, “This Old Heart” is “my” song.  You know the words.

This old heart of mine been hurt a thousand times
Each time you ache away I hope my fears allay.
The heaviness that comes, like pounding drums
Bringin’ back a sweating dread stressing me more and more.
Maybe it’s my mistake to hide this pain that I feel inside
But my chest is tight and it’s hard to breathe
It’s got me never knowin’ if I’m comin’ or goin’ ’cause

I feel you, yes, I do
This old heart
I feel you, yes, I do
Yes, I do, beat for me.

I try hard to hide my angina inside
This old heart of mine always keeps me sighing
The way you’re treatin’ me makes life a feat.
Yeah, nausea, fatigue and oh so weak.

But if I ache a hundred times
A hundred times I’ll still be strong.
I know this makes me who I am.
I’m not too proud to shout it, tell the world about it ’cause

I feel you.
This old heart but pains anew
And I love ya
This old heart.  I feel you.
This old heart but pains anew.

This old heart of mine been hurt a thousand times
Each time you squeeze away I think: ”Am I here to stay?”
The tightness that comes, nitros that grow
Bringin’ the pain again, hurting me more and more
Maybe it’s my mistake not calling 9-1-1
‘Cause each second that passes by
Ya got me never knowin’ if I’m comin’ or goin’ ’cause

I feel you, yes, I do.
Beat for me.
I feeeeeel  you, yes, I do
Yes, I do
I feeeeel you.

This old heart, Please don’t infarct!
Must beat for me!
I feel you-ou-ou-ou
This old heart, Don’t infarct!
Must beat for me
I feel you-ou-ou, yes, I do, yes, I-I-I-I do.
I feel you-ou-ou, yes, I do, yes, I-I-I-I do.
I feel you.

Oh, yeah, been pained a thousand times

This old heart has come a long way from first hearing the words: “You have coronary artery disease.” “Cardiologists like to ‘fix’ things but you cannot be fixed.”  It has been a journey.  It began as one step at a time.  But I have arrived, just as Dorothy arrived and found herself in front of the wizard at the end of the yellow brick road.  I relate readily to the Tin Man who desired a heart but found out he was deluding himself because Oz never really gave the Tin Man anything he did not already possess.  I, too, found I needed to look deep within myself to find who I was and what this new “adventure” of heart disease meant.  Some of life’s most difficult roads take us on the most amazing journeys.

Cardiovascular disease takes its toll on an individual’s psychological well-being and is a fearful event.  Cardiac patients suffer anxiety and depression as they adjust, accept and finally achieve their goals.  It is a process.  Cardiac rehabilitation, learning information about risk factors and lifestyle modifications are all components of this.   Frequently not all outcomes of the disease can be alleviated, and we come to realize that limitations do exist, requiring life-altering adjustments.  One cannot help but re-evaluate one’s priorities in life as you face your own mortality.

I now have the full awareness of what life is and how fragile it is.  I feel surrounded by people – people I have met, lived, laughed, cried, loved and smiled with………… I have heard and now fully understand  that

“There is an advantage in every disadvantage…
 and a gift in every problem.” 

I embrace this journey known as life knowing my old heart is strong.  My old heart is loved.  May your old heart know and feel the peace acceptance can bring.


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