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An Open Letter to Coronary Artery Disease

Dear Coronary Artery Disease, I know you’re the one who “broke” my heart. I know who you are and what you represent to millions of people.  The World Health Organization states you are the “number one cause of death globally.”  It is not something you should be proud of.  I know genetically you are a […]

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Socks are the Voice of the Heart

Confucius once said: “Words are the voice of the heart.” Words are important to me.  I have seen how words impact people and lives.  The significance words impart can be far-reaching.  Words inform, persuade, hurt or soothe pain; they can greet or bid farewell.  They may get your point across, or destroy any hope of […]

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YOGA – “Blessed are the Flexible, for They Will Not Be Bent Out of Shape”

Ahhhhhhhhh…. My happy place. What could be better?  Let’s do yoga together in my happy place.  Be mindful of its energy.  Feel yourself siting in lotus position upon the warm, yielding sand.  See the intensity of the illumination emerging from behind the white streaks of clouds.  Your body begins to grow warmer and warmer as […]

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Team Sprinkles

What do you do to keep yourself keepin’ on?  It is so easy to say “I am too tired” or “I should really rest.”  The fact is walking is a healthy activity for, not only heart patients, but for everyone.  We just need to make it fun!  It will keep us coming back for more. […]

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Minimally Disruptive Medicine

Effective care that fits!

Halifax Charity Knitters

Covering local woolly needs

Blender 3D Guru

Blender Guru 3D Blog


Lessons of the Heart


“It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else.” ~ Erma Bombeck