The Story of the Five Bears – Part II “Teaching Kindness”

The Story of the Five Bears - Part II "Teaching Kindness"

The Story of the Five Bears – Part II “Teaching Kindness”

As you may recall, once upon a time in the year 2014 there were Five Bears, who lived together in a crazy, multigenerational household, filled with crazy, unconditional love and crazy – sometime uncontrollable commotion and organized chaos. All the Bears called it simply and tenderly “Home, Sweet Home.”

One of them was a small, wee-size boy bear named Wee Bear; and one was a small average-size boy bear named Small Bear, and one was a medium-size mother bear named Mother Bear. One was a medium size grandmother bear affectionately called Grams Bear or just plain “Gramsi” and the other was a great big grandfather bear called Bumpa Bear.

On a warm spring day, Mother Bear proclaimed “today’s children should be taught kindness.” Mother Bear had been reflecting on Mother Teresa Bear, who captured us with her heart of compassion and her words: “Three things in human (and bear life too!) life are important. The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. The third is to be kind.”

Kindness became the underlying theme of a project of two boy bears named Small Bear and Wee Bear.

Know that you are so SPECIAL!

Know that you are so SPECIAL!

It could be seen in the thirteen unique and distinctive clay flower pots positioned all in a row, each brimming with fresh potting soil and containing spring -flowering bulbs, ready to burst with flamboyant color and vitality. Each pot had a sign attached that read, “Know that you are SO special.” The boys put every drop of kindness and love they felt into each pot. This was done with thoughts of a young boy bear named Derek Bear, who died in an accident at the age of nine years – a boy they had never met, but only heard his story. The flowers served as a tribute to a life over too soon. The spring flower bulb garden represented a new beginning and warmth after a cold and brutal winter.

The recipient would see a small card perched in the pot upon a plant spike, with Derek’s picture in his baseball uniform that read: “Changing the world one smile at a time.” It also contained Derek’s Facebook page: Actsofkindnessforderek.

Two young brothers, Small Bear and Wee Bear, were on a mission to spread Derek Bear’s joy and deliver these flowers as a random act of kindness.

“I want to deliver one to Clare Bear who rides the bus with me to school,” declared the 8-year old boy bear, his freckle splotched face filled with the glee of young puppy love.Flowers for Derek

“I want to take one to my teacher and the principal,” asserted 10-year old boy bear, named Small Bear in a factual and thoughtful manner.

“Oh yes!” I want to take one to my teacher and the school secretary too,” echoed the youngest brother, Wee Bear.

The list was overfilled with names from “the bear who cuts my hair,” the bear who helped me build my pinewood derby,” the doctor bear who made Grams better again, to my orthodontist, to Baby Evie bear who just got out of the hospital, and to the dental office. Their list was endless. We ran out of flowerpots before we ran out of names!

They proudly approached each recipient with a pride on their face and a big-heartedness in their small voice. It was if their words were inspired from Derek Bear above. The statements and comments flowed so naturally out of their mouths. Sometimes tears could be seen on the recipients face. Sometimes they just left the flowers upon a desk and never said a word, but watched the surprise when people discovered their gift.

“We are doing this as acts of kindness in honor of a boy from Fennimore, WI named Derek who died in an accident last August.” This is how they began each delivery, each taking turns in their opening statement.

“Derek’s life had great meaning. We are spreading Derek’s joy.” With arms extended and flowerpot lifted upward, Small Bear would present their gift tenderly to the recipient

One recipient asked if the boys knew Derek, and wide-eyed and enthusiastic Wee Bear promptly responded: “No, but he is our friend now. We are helping him spread joy.”

Like Derek’s spirit, the flowers live on and bring joy to others.

The flowers brought delight and sweetness to everyone’s day. Any random act of kindness is powerful and meaningful, especially because it is so unexpected. I can think of no better way to spread love in the face of loss. It is a healing statement of love. Love eases some of the unimaginable pain. It validates the significance and specialness of every human being. Love connects us.

It was one of those poignant lessons of the heart. The young boy bears summed the project succinctly.

Small Bear simply stated: “It made me feel really good. It made them feel really good.” “I hope they continue to carry the act of kindness on so it goes on forever and ever and ever!”

Wee Bear pondered with depth. His eyes squinted, his forehead furrowed. He paused and reflected as his face took on a look of someone older than his stated years.

Finally, and with a deep sadness in his eyes, he poignantly professed:

“I only wish I could have met Derek Bear.”

And the Grams Bear heart was filled with joy.  She knew that the healthiest hearts takes part in the spirit of giving and kindness.

And the Mother Bear looked accomplished and satisfied with the outcome of their small lesson of the heart. You could hear the Mother Bear softly proclaim:

“Ahhh, this lesson is just right,” she said contently and her heart took all the bliss of parental pride and satisfaction in and “ate it all up.”

All the Five Bears encourage YOU to please TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEART. 



14 Comments on “The Story of the Five Bears – Part II “Teaching Kindness”

  1. The early bird…reaps the benefits of your Sunday a.m fuzzy fairy tale!:)I recognize some of the peeps in your story,Sharon. Our church sermon Saturday night touched on love and kindness,also.You are a beautiful writer and an author extraordinaire!Sending positive vibes from this end,and see you in a few weeks at Kim’s reception! I’ll be back from Scotland then recovering from jetlag.

    • You are the early bird today – thank you for taking the time to read the Sunday post at thisoldheartblog. We just finished up our Garage Sale last night – WHEW! Wee Bear and Small Bear made money from selling some of their toys. Interestingly, Small Bear wants to use half of his money to help a friend. He told me it is important to be kind and supportive. It made me realize that perhaps kids really do hear and listen and grow. It warmed my heart.
      I am happy to hear you will be able to head over to Scotland to see your family – EXCELLENT. I look forward to seeing you and your family afterwards. Safe Travels. Thank you for your response.

  2. Very awesome – not just the blog not, but the kindness. It is a great lesson for the boys and all of us!

    • It was a great project for all of us. It does a heart good to see children be kind and giving. You can see and feel the energy and joy they gain from the experience. It is a great way to take care of my heart. Thanks Kris. Incidentally, I heard from my grand-daughter that you are pretty awesome too!

  3. Yes, indeed, random acts of kindness are incredible acts. Those acts teach us so much…glad all the bears are such selfless people!! Love you all!

    • Random acts of kindness in honor of Derek Lendosky – the spirit of his love and kindness are being felt all over the world! Blessings to Derek and his family.

      • Because of you and others, the memory of Derek remains alive in our hearts. Thank you for this beautiful story.
        Gram Mari (Sarah’s mom)

      • Thank you Marianne. Know that your words and thoughts warm our hearts as well. We all feel like Derek is a deep and loving part of our lives, teaching and encouraging us how each and every day should be shared with others. Truly, his life has impacted so many others. Blessings and love to you and yours.

  4. Ah, Grams bear. You are a beautiful person and wonderful, special friend. Your words spread joy and comfort, kindness and love. Your blogs teach us not only about the ‘heart’ but about how to live life. Thank you!

    • Blessings to you and yours this beautiful morning, Sarah… It is going to be one of those “great days in the neighborhood.” I can feel it already. Take Care my friend.

  5. I have shared this online and also tweeted it over to The Ellen Show. Just thought I would thank you for being so wonderful and sharing our son’s spirit with everyone.

    • Thanks so much for your response, Steve. I just wanted to tie Derek into the Five Bears Story. My grandsons talk about Derek as if he is an old friend. Derek’s spirit is so alive in this world. Blessings and love to your family.

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