The Story of the Five Bears – Part III “Teaching Academics”

The Story of the Five Bears - Part III - Teaching Academics

The Story of the Five Bears – Part III – Teaching Academics

As you may recall, once upon a time in the year 2014 there were Five Bears, who lived together in a crazy, multigenerational household, filled with crazy, unconditional love and crazy – sometime uncontrollable commotion and organized chaos.  All the Bears called it simply and tenderly “Home, Sweet Home.”

One of them was a little wee-size boy bear named Wee Bear who loved Nerf guns; and one was a small average-size boy bear named Small Bear who loved computers, and one was a medium-size mother bear named Mother Bear who loved her boy bears.  One was a medium size grandmother bear affectionately called Grams Bear or just plain “Gramsi” who loved writing and the other was a great big grandfather bear called Bumpa Bear who loved trains.

The five bear family found multi-generational living as a life that is gratifying and whimsical, loud and zany; full of love and peanut butter sandwiches, Nerf darts and Ripsticks, adventure and rocks in pockets… and life is precious and sometimes even bursting at the seams.  These frolicking bears found multi-generational living all about the action verbs: love, compromise, improvise and adjust.

Ahhhh… the life and times of the Five Bears… It has always been “just right.”

Having this many individuals with varied age ranges and interests living together brings with it many opinions on just about everything from what’s for dinner to what’s on television. We have all learned the art of compromise.  If we cannot compromise, then we adjust and we improvise.

It’s has been a work in progress to be safe from missile barrages of sniper foam darts of neon orange and blue in this bear household.  One never knows when one may fly by!  Grams Bear has even found a foam dart in her early morning coffee cup!  Wee Bear and Small Bear claim that is due to their expert marksmanship!

Ahhhh… the pranks and charm of young boys – they are always “just right.”

Boy bears instinctively desire to be protectors of the poor and helpless on a mission to safeguard, as they become allies against the enemy.  Oftentimes, Grams Bear or Mother Bear, and even Bumpa Bear are simply, “the enemy.”

Grams Bear and Bumpa Bear recall all the epic cowboy television shows like Roy Rogers and Gene Autry.  The Nerf bonanza is this current generation’s response to cowboy and Indian era of cap guns and bow and arrows.

Yes, there is an issue involving those menacing foam Nerf darts.  They are found literally EVERYWHERE!  They are stuck to windows and mirrors, (Yup, some foam darts are suction-tipped!), in backpacks, outside on the ground and in bushes, under beds and couch cushions.  It is easy to see this house is occupied by small boy bears. (Not that the bathrooms, alone, wouldn’t tell that!)

Ahhhh… the pranks and charm of young boy bears – they are always “just right.”

Nerf Dart Protective Shield

Nerf Dart Protective Shield

Nerf Blasters, a foam-firing toy of this decade, require pure improvising of lifestyle in order to be “safe” from the explosion of free-flying darts!  The mere sound of the pumping action of the Nerf Blaster requires the use of an improvised Bumpa Bear-made defensive shield!

Bumpa Bear and Wee Bear worked diligently on the shield, even inserting a protective screen to view what is occurring in the environment.  You can rest assured when you have the mighty protective shield!  No more threatening airborne Nerf gun foam darts soaring at you.

Ahhhh… the ingenuity of the Bumpa Bear – it is always “just right.” 

Grams Bear was more pensive in her thought process involving Nerf wars.

“How can we take advantage of this outlandish obsession?” the wise Grams Bear thought (with shield in hand) one early morning before school.

“Wee Bear! Small-Bear!  It is time to go through your spelling words before school!  We need to concentrate on the words, not the Nerf darts!

No one heard Grams Bear’s words.

The Grams Bear slowly began to count to ten, determined to keep her frazzled nerves at bay and authoritatively boomed: “Wee Bear and Small Bear!  There are new rules this morning!


“You may only Nerf blast your brother when they spell their word incorrectly!”

Each little bear became attentive to the spelling of every word.  Each bear spelled their words with such precision while watching their brother’s every move.

This strategy has become our opportunity at building valuable teamwork skills while learning the correct spelling of words, getting exercise (The young boy bears tend to move, jump, twist and turn while they spell.  I am not sure… Do girl bears do that too?!) Plus they achieve excellent grades.  What is it they say?  “Every disadvantage has its advantage.”

The morning spelling list is now a “must-do” every morning!

Ahhhh… the ingenuity of the Grams Bear – it is always “just right.”

Be forewarned.  If ever you visit the home of the Five Bears, be on the lookout for soaring foam darts.  Wear safety glasses.  Keep your eyes open.  Small boy bears, suited with Nerf armor and blasters may appear at any given moment.  They may be lurking around  any corner.

And lo and behold if Goldilocks shows up at the door of the Five Bears!  She will surely be met with a head-on bombardment of turbo-blasting darts!

Life is always an adventure – a true lesson of the heart.

Remember to take care of YOUR heart. 

(Happy summer vacation to Wee Bear and Small Bear!  We love you!)

8 Comments on “The Story of the Five Bears – Part III “Teaching Academics””

  1. PRECIOUS…when I visit, I will have to come prepared with my shield in hand!!!!! Adorable story!!!!!

    • Thanks Theresa… It is a little tribute essay about Wee-Bear and Small Bear as they leave for summer vacation. Interestingly, the super-creative mind of Wee-Bear is designing a Nerf-fighting station tree house. Bumpa Bear and Wee Bear have been building, re-designing, and building some more, giving Wee Bear an opportunity to learn about hand tools. This will surely be Wee Bear’s masterpiece another posting! Life is surely an adventure!

  2. A girl medium-sized bear thought about visiting her cousins before they would be gone for the summer, but now I see the risks may be a bit much for this mother bear. Good luck with that Grams…we’ll see you when it’s safe to come out of hiding.

    • What a wonderful surprise to see your comment, Becky. Thank you! Perhaps, Sami Bear could make a shield with a big “S” on the front of it. Indeed, she will need it as both Wee Bear and Small Bear will want her to play Nerf. We are looking forward to having a small female bear around the house this summer.

  3. I love this story about your Wee and Little Bears. how clever of you to figure a way to involve them and their toys into a learning experience. You are a wonderful Grams Bear and a Wonderful Friend Bear.

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