Just a wee posting…

Yoga Class at Sunset by the Ocean

Yoga Class at Sunset by the Ocean

Just a wee posting…

To let you know I will be on a “sabbatical” as I continue my search for that gnarly tree I hold so dear to my heart … and get “caught up” with life.

Until we meet again here at thisoldheartblog, please remember to bless the world and each and every human being, focus on your mantra and your purpose, smile broadly and leave the rest to the Lord.

Please – take care of your heart. 


6 Comments on “Just a wee posting…”

  1. Oh….. I will miss the blog on SUNDAY!!! Take the time to do something for YOU, TOO!!! Love you, Sharon!!#!#

  2. A lot in your life right now….take the needed sabbatical you so deserve, your heart will appreciate it.

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