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I AM Sharon – a restless and creative spirit searching for connections to other individuals dealing with the trials, tribulations and adventures of heart disease and the journey it takes one on.  My epiphany for collaboration with others came upon the realization that “We’re all stronger if we hold hands and become one.”  May this blog serve as inspiration and “that little extra push” for those of you trying to eat better and become more active.  Let us all take hands and hold onto each others tightly as we become heart-healthy and happy.

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I HAVE Coronary Artery Disease and chronic angina associated with microvascular disease.  I have recently retired from Mayo Clinic Health System.  I hold a BS degree in both Nursing and Diagnostic Medical Sonography, along with a MS degree in Education.

I WRITE from the heart about “this old heart’s” experiences, thoughts and emotions as I move up on the learning curve in the field of heart disease.  Here at thisoldheartblog, you will find a collection of my life stories in relation to heart disease, filled with the understanding and sense of who I am, where I am coming from and where I am going.  My hope is that thisoldheartblog will touch your life in some small way, provide you with inspiration or motivation to move forward or help you smile at this “adventure” of heart disease.

I STRIVE to do small things with great heart.  I care and value all human beings and find value and wonder in every individual’s life, words and wisdom.

I BELIEVE              ” Live Simply.  Love Generously.  Care Deeply.  Speak Kindly.  Leave the Rest to God.”  ~Ronald Reagan

MY PASSION is to bless the present by being mindful of the NOW.

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