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YOGA – “Blessed are the Flexible, for They Will Not Be Bent Out of Shape”

Ahhhhhhhhh…. My happy place. What could be better?  Let’s do yoga together in my happy place.  Be mindful of its energy.  Feel yourself siting in lotus position upon the warm, yielding sand.  See the intensity of the illumination emerging from behind the white streaks of clouds.  Your body begins to grow warmer and warmer as […]

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Team Sprinkles

What do you do to keep yourself keepin’ on?  It is so easy to say “I am too tired” or “I should really rest.”  The fact is walking is a healthy activity for, not only heart patients, but for everyone.  We just need to make it fun!  It will keep us coming back for more. […]

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The Ball is in Your Court

The year was 1967.  The world was increasingly more complex as baby boomers began to occupy the workforce and wanted change in the American way of life.  And they were willing to work for it.  Work in the 1960’s often involved long hours where husbands supported their wives and children.  It often entailed physical labor.  […]

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I Wish You a Bench

I am grateful for benches… all benches… the stone bench, the wooden bench, the upholstered bench, the stainless steel bench, outdoor garden benches, bike trail benches, and suspended benches, as in the tranquil old-fashioned porch swing.  I consider them a work of art, a place to ponder and a necessary option for the heart patient […]

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Stuff I Miss… since my diagnosis of coronary artery disease.

We all “miss our stuff”… We always miss what we don’t have.  With heart disease, specifically coronary artery disease due to atherosclerosis, much of what you miss is the food – the high-fat and high-sodium foods! I miss crispy, greasy, salty French fries.  A large order of French fries from McDonalds is usually around 5.4 […]

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To Thrive in Life You Need Four Bones

It was Reba McEntire who said: “To thrive in life you need three bones.  A wishbone.  A backbone.  And a funny bone.” It is my experience that to live an even fuller life, or if you are a cardiac patient, you need an additional bone – a jawbone.  I am speaking about the JAWBONE UP […]

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Lessons of the Heart


“It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else.” ~ Erma Bombeck