A Note to Santa

With Anticipation of Santa's Arrival!

With Anticipation of Santa’s Arrival!

You warmed my heart!

You warmed my feet!

Santa, if you could be indiscreet,

And fill them ALL with my Christmas treat!

Wishing you a blessed and peace-filled holiday season with the ones you love the most. I know I am truly blessed for having you all as part of my life this year.  YOU have warmed and healed my heart in ways you may not understand.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart and (just one more time!) the bottom of my feet.  Happy Holidays!  Sharon

10 Comments on “A Note to Santa”

  1. You deserve every wonderful treat that Santa gives you. I think having family close to you is at the top of your list! Blessing to all of you this Holiday Season and a Happy & Healthy 2014….

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  3. Hope you had a wonderful & blessed Christmas! now – I wonder which pair of stockings is going to be yours. I think in the middle – purple, green, black, orange stripes.. right? warm, snuggly! May 2014 find you warmed by the love of the Lord and surrounded with family, friends, smiles and continued messages that provide inspiration to us all.

    • Thank you, Sarah. I am certain your Christmas was filled with blessings and love and family. May 2014 bring you all joy and good health. Oh! AND ALL THE SOCKS are MINE! They are the socks from family and friends when I did daily treatments for EECP these past few months. I wore a different pair each day — all I could see were my feet and the sight of them brought me love and comfort. They were truly a gift! I was hoping Santa would put a Starbucks gift card in each one!

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