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Angina – Life with a Chronic Illness

Simply stated, the word BROKEN, in my humble opinion, best sums up the world of chronic angina. Broken, but o.k. One is not the whole person they profess to be, not the person they once were, nor the person filled with hope and dreams when your life is affected by chronic angina.  You know vehemently […]

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Her Story, Her Heart

On the eve of Valentine’s Day, I had the privilege of sharing “My Heart Story” at Mayo Clinic Health System-Eau Claire.  Entitled “Her Story, Her Heart”, the presentation was developed to treat your sweetheart or yourself to the gift of heart health. It was a panel presentation and included cardiologist Regis Fernandes M.D., Susan Pope,N.P. […]

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Having a Heart Attack

I remember … when my Dad was having a heart attack… or so I thought … and indeed, he did.  Mom never called 911.  Dad did have his hand over his heart and his face was grimaced and worrisome.  He clutched his nitroglycerin tightly in his hand.  His breathing was heavy and he was almost […]

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An Open Letter to Coronary Artery Disease

Dear Coronary Artery Disease, I know you’re the one who “broke” my heart. I know who you are and what you represent to millions of people.  The World Health Organization states you are the “number one cause of death globally.”  It is not something you should be proud of.  I know genetically you are a […]

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Socks are the Voice of the Heart

Confucius once said: “Words are the voice of the heart.” Words are important to me.  I have seen how words impact people and lives.  The significance words impart can be far-reaching.  Words inform, persuade, hurt or soothe pain; they can greet or bid farewell.  They may get your point across, or destroy any hope of […]

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Finding Your Happy Place

When my children were young, one of my favorite stories to read was Judith Viorst’s 1972 classic: “Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No-Good Very Bad Day.”  I would read it over and over again.  It was compelling, yet comforting and it would never get old.  Time passes so quickly… I now read the book to […]

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I Wish You a Bench

I am grateful for benches… all benches… the stone bench, the wooden bench, the upholstered bench, the stainless steel bench, outdoor garden benches, bike trail benches, and suspended benches, as in the tranquil old-fashioned porch swing.  I consider them a work of art, a place to ponder and a necessary option for the heart patient […]

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The Eucatastrophe of External Counterpulsation (EECP)

Enhanced External Counterpulsation or EECP feels like such a catastrophe – such an extreme misfortunate.  It makes me feel so imperiled and helpless.  It causes total loss of control… and then there is the “uncomfortable” squeezing and repetitive pumping sensation in the hour-long process.  The sessions are daily and consist of a series of 35 […]

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Stuff I Miss… since my diagnosis of coronary artery disease.

We all “miss our stuff”… We always miss what we don’t have.  With heart disease, specifically coronary artery disease due to atherosclerosis, much of what you miss is the food – the high-fat and high-sodium foods! I miss crispy, greasy, salty French fries.  A large order of French fries from McDonalds is usually around 5.4 […]

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