“My Heart, My Life”

My Mother - My Heart, My Life - and so much more...

My Mother – My Heart, My Life – and so much more…

As the magic of the holiday season fades and we feel those extra cookies and hot chocolate, the New Year resolutions begin.

The Story of 2013 closes.  I feel a certain sadness, an ending filled with recollection of the gifts and memories and time shared with those my heart loves the most.  It stirs emotions from the depth and cobwebs of my mind — those places you never dust off or clear away.  They are so precious.  They must remain undisturbed and unchanged.

I have this enlightment about myself that I have always known but never put into words.

I seriously DETEST endings!

This thought stands out most vividly in this year of 2013 because this past year I have lost a dear friend, an esteemed brother-in-law and then my precious Mother.  I lost a profession I knew I had to leave behind for health reasons.  I feel like I lost a big part of who I am or who I was.  AND NOW, closing 2013… is just one more ending…


Then… thoughtfully, pensively, I conclude that without endings, how could we have any new beginnings?  Hence, in this woolgathering moment, I nostalgically recollect those moments I hold in the depth of my heart.  And then with a grateful heart for having such genuine and giving people in my life, for having role models that made me who I am today, and for having experienced some of life’s great adventures, I know it is time to let go of the melancholy and embrace the future.

The dawn of a new day and of a New Year arrives.  Simply, I know it is time to make sense of the past year as it applies to my life situation ahead.  The message feels ever so personal and equally profound.  It is the message that this blog has been trying to share from its beginning.

During my heart journey I have learned how we love and live with our hearts and not so much with our spleen or our thymus.  In this New Year 2014, the message continues:

“Take care of your heart.”

The American Heart Association condenses the commitment process of caring for your heart with its New Year 2014 Commitment Day 5K.  January 1, 2014 marks this “all-inclusive national movement to take a stance and personal responsibility for inspiring the health of America.”  On this day, you can participate in a Commitment Day 5K – a fun walk/run as you start the year out on the right foot to becoming heart healthy.  As a registered participant, you may make a donation to the American Heart Association with 100% of your donation funding the “My Heart, My Life” cause.

“My Heart, My Life” is simple but essential to every individual’s well-being, especially with the increasing epidemic of childhood obesity, diabetes and the high incidence of heart disease.  It is time to make better choices and resolutions.  It is a NEW YEAR.  Follow the AHA’s Life’s Simple Seven: 

 Get Active

♥ Control Cholesterol

 Eat Better

 Manage Blood Pressure

 Lose Weight

 Reduce Blood Sugar

 Stop Smoking

Start now.  Start small.  Let’s just take one step at a time.

As I look back on the year of 2013 — all 365 days — it seems that in a day, in an hour, in an instant, it is gone.  By the year 2014’s end we will have made millions of steps towards becoming more healthy.  I want YOU to be a part of my life for a long, long time.  I care about YOU.  Please take care of your heart.

And, as always, it brings to mind a favorite quote for moments as this.  (Ahhhh…yes, there is always another quote!)  It comes from the song “Closing Time: and it goes “Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end.”  I will turn away from the times that show how little time is left and rejoice in the new beginning – the New 2014!

Happy New Year Everyone!  May this New Year be everything you can imagine and then more…

♥♥ Let this post stand as a tribute to my Mother — my heart, my life— who stands in the top row and center of the picture at the beginning of this post with my brothers and sisters.  My heart fills with all their love.   I savor the moment, the people who are still with us and the ones, like those I hold so dear, and those who live on in our souls. ♥♥

8 Comments on ““My Heart, My Life””

  1. Ohh…Sharon, this is so beautiful, and what an honor to Mom and to our family. your love is palpable. Thank you for your wise words. You make me reflect on so much each week by your profound words. I LOVE YOU!!!!!

    • Yes, Theresa, we were blessed in so many ways to have a Mother that gave us and so many others so much of herself… and Thank you, Lord for all the lessons of the heart we learned from our Mother.

  2. A beautiful tribute, Mom. One may almost say you’ve grown through the conflicts you’ve experienced…perhaps? I love you!

    • Thank you, Rebecca for the compliment… yes, every struggle is just another opportunity. It is all about how you look at each of life’s obstacles/pathways. Just a reminder… Take care of YOUR heart. You are so very, very special to me! I love you!

  3. beautifully written Sharon. Just beautiful. just like you are dear girl.
    I treasure you! You give so much – from your heart and soul. You remind me with every blog and message of what is really important in life; and that through every storm there is a silver lining where God’s love shines through – in people like you. Every day is a new day which God gives to us to make the most of. Thank you for all you do to make the dawn of a new day bright for all those around you. take care of yourself dear friend!

    • Amazed…
      That is how your kind and far too generous words make me feel.
      THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, Sarah.

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